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    Hi there!
    It's been a whole year and we've been able to get out two songs a month for you!
    We will be putting together a full album to be released on December 7th
    That also happens to be the date we will be opening up for Luscious Jackson at Webster Hall
    Tickets are on sale now.
    Our two songs from the month of September for you 
    Both are the result of some chemists improv.
    Martin came out of the same jam we pulled Ace from a couple of months ago.
    Brandon improvised the bulk of the lyrics.
    It was originally a bit more intense and electric but, when fleshed out on acoustic guitar, we found a pocket and sound we really liked.  
    We did slip a little of it back at the end though.
    Static is the actual jam.  When tracking  Slow Burn Fuse  we had to stop so Len could fix something on his guitar.  Brad and Brandon started playing this groove and Len went running over to press record! 
    That's the actual time it took to fix the guitar and join in.
    Chris Fava had sent the lyrics over around the same time and they fit perfectly!
    We will be keeping you posted on some other shows coming up in the next two months before the Webster Hall release.
    So, we are taking a short break for the monthly songs, but will return soon!
    Thanks for listening!

  • May Music!

    May Music!

    For the month of May we have These Days and Headphones.
    These Days began on the beach last year and is ready just in time for summer again. We got a chance to bang on some file cabinets, dust off the Irish spoons and,(thanks to the repair skills of Warren Malone) play a little mandolin on this one.
    Despite being disguised by an ultra heavy riff, Headphones just wants you to drift away from it all, but with a little cracklin' snare to keep you movin'!
    We'll be back next month with more music for ya!

  • April Music!

    April Music!

    This month our two songs for you are Mudslide & Zombie Elevator.

    Mudslide kicks in with the debut of Mr. Brad Gunyon taking lead vocals at the top of the tune. Then Lenny and Brandon follow up. It's a tribute to those sticky thick NOLA grooves, with a bit of 70's prog spice thrown into the stew!

    Zombie Elevator was created when the band was late for rehearsal and Brad was left alone with the Lowry Organ!  He has composed some true day and night music. Verse and chorus vocals are a layered mix of all the ANC boys singing, then filtered through a Leslie cabinet for extra spookiness. It also features the debut of Little Louie Monachello on some backing vocals!
    Listen closely to hear him. Hint-(Zombie)!

  • All Night Chemists release two new songs for November 11.30.12

    All Night Chemists release two new songs for November 11.30.12

    We are thrilled to share two new songs for November:  You and Me and Damage Control.
    Both tracks were recorded live at Soundtronics and were mastered by Adrian Morgan at Timeless Mastering
    You And Me is a song written by Len for his little boy Louie.
    It features a live performance of Brad on Drums, Len on acoustic guitar, Jake Phillips on electric, and Brandon on bass.
    There are some overdubs of piano by Brandon and Len added a little organ and mandolin.
    Damage Control was a completely improvised performance captured on One microphone.  Resisting the temptation, the only overdubs are some percussion (not the tambourine by the way, Brad did that live while plaing the kit) some sound effects, and the vocals mimicking the words and sounds Brandon created during the jam.