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  • July Music

    July Music

    Hey y'all,
    We hope you are enjoying summer '13!
    NYC has been one hot and humid island the past few weeks. But, in between dips into the pool and a few beach days, the Chemists have managed once again to put the hours in to bring you more new music!

    We also have a little something to look at while listening to our song Headphones!

    Missing Person was found as a lost verse idea we had been throwing around 6 months ago. Couldn't get it where it wanted to go, so it was shelved. Sweaty nights in the studio proved to be the right trap for a chorus w all the bells and whistles. Songs can be stubborn like that, some times they do not wish to be caught!

    Erase came about when Len started cutting up jams that he and Brad had recorded some months earlier. Then we started building on top of the best grooves, Brandon adding in some slinky bass lines.
    We liken it to this;
    You've just arrived at a funky dance party which takes place on a psychedelic carousel.
    Don't worry, even though they bare their teeth, the ponies are very friendly.

    Enjoy the ride, and the nice weather!
    We will be back next month with a couple more musical surprises!