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  • June Music

    Summer is here, and we've got two more tunes for you that will help set the mood, be it hot days or cool nights!

    The essence of both songs, music/lyrics, came from experimental jams at our lab, Soundtronics.

    Ace was inspired after a rehearsal in which the Chemists were the backing band for another singer. 
    At that rehearsal we met an excellent guitarist. His name is Derrick Hawkins, who, for a while, played in Ace Frehleys band.
    (Read: KISS)
    And after all, we all know who had the best solo record!
    (" New York Groove"- do your homework, kids)

    Porch Light took us on a journey from the studio to the porch to we don't know where. Slides, jaw harps, wash boards, and 3 vocals around one mic. Don't check out early on this one, it gets into some psychedelic territory near the end, and who in America doesn't love that!?

    Also, we will be playing
    Rockwood Music Hall
    July 12th 8pm