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  • April Music!

    April Music!

    This month our two songs for you are Mudslide & Zombie Elevator.

    Mudslide kicks in with the debut of Mr. Brad Gunyon taking lead vocals at the top of the tune. Then Lenny and Brandon follow up. It's a tribute to those sticky thick NOLA grooves, with a bit of 70's prog spice thrown into the stew!

    Zombie Elevator was created when the band was late for rehearsal and Brad was left alone with the Lowry Organ!  He has composed some true day and night music. Verse and chorus vocals are a layered mix of all the ANC boys singing, then filtered through a Leslie cabinet for extra spookiness. It also features the debut of Little Louie Monachello on some backing vocals!
    Listen closely to hear him. Hint-(Zombie)!