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  • New Tunes For February

    New Tunes For February

    Check out our new tracks for February: Here Today & Crossed Hands

    Both tracks were recorded at Soundtronics and were mastered by Ed Littman

    Here Today -  ...This track truly has arrived.  After lingering around since last spring, the form finally came together for us.  We recorded the Bass, Rhodes, and Kit (with oh so many toms!) live this past month.  And as for the title, that came today too.

    Crossed Hands -  Another live improvised performance by the Chemists.  We cut together a form, added some vocals and a couple guitar and organ overdubs.  The Bass and Guitars from the live take were not recorded to their own tracks (oops), so the sound is that of the room and whatever bled into the drum mics.

    You can catch us tomorrow night March 1st 10pm at  Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.