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    We've been on a little hiatus moving studios and homes the past couple of months.  We're back in the studio next week with some new songs and should have something for you in Semptember!

    All Night Chemists will be wrapping up this month with a show,
    next Tuesday night, August 26th at
    Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

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    Hi there!
    It's been a whole year and we've been able to get out two songs a month for you!
    We will be putting together a full album to be released on December 7th
    That also happens to be the date we will be opening up for Luscious Jackson at Webster Hall
    Tickets are on sale now.
    Our two songs from the month of September for you 
    Both are the result of some chemists improv.
    Martin came out of the same jam we pulled Ace from a couple of months ago.
    Brandon improvised the bulk of the lyrics.
    It was originally a bit more intense and electric but, when fleshed out on acoustic guitar, we found a pocket and sound we really liked.  
    We did slip a little of it back at the end though.
    Static is the actual jam.  When tracking  Slow Burn Fuse  we had to stop so Len could fix something on his guitar.  Brad and Brandon started playing this groove and Len went running over to press record! 
    That's the actual time it took to fix the guitar and join in.
    Chris Fava had sent the lyrics over around the same time and they fit perfectly!
    We will be keeping you posted on some other shows coming up in the next two months before the Webster Hall release.
    So, we are taking a short break for the monthly songs, but will return soon!
    Thanks for listening!

  • August Music!

    August Music!

    Hey there,
    We have two more for you! This months songs are Insects and Forks And Knives.

    Insects was written on a paddle boat in the middle of a lake in Pennsylvania.  The song begins with the actual recording of Len in the paddle boat at the moment the riff appeared!  Not sure how these angry riffs come out in the most peaceful of environments but, you have to take what your given! We applied much restraint after tracking the live trio, deciding the only overdubs would be vocals.

    Forks and Knives came about while improvising a groove, and may have subliminally influenced by the trio watching the film "Beware of Mr. Baker".

    Both tracks were recorded at Soundtronics and were mastered by Ed Littman

    The songs are free for you to download,

    You can catch us live 8:00 on September 13th at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. We hope to see you there.
    Be back next month with more music for you.
    Thanks for listening

     All Night Chemists

  • July Music

    July Music

    Hey y'all,
    We hope you are enjoying summer '13!
    NYC has been one hot and humid island the past few weeks. But, in between dips into the pool and a few beach days, the Chemists have managed once again to put the hours in to bring you more new music!

    We also have a little something to look at while listening to our song Headphones!

    Missing Person was found as a lost verse idea we had been throwing around 6 months ago. Couldn't get it where it wanted to go, so it was shelved. Sweaty nights in the studio proved to be the right trap for a chorus w all the bells and whistles. Songs can be stubborn like that, some times they do not wish to be caught!

    Erase came about when Len started cutting up jams that he and Brad had recorded some months earlier. Then we started building on top of the best grooves, Brandon adding in some slinky bass lines.
    We liken it to this;
    You've just arrived at a funky dance party which takes place on a psychedelic carousel.
    Don't worry, even though they bare their teeth, the ponies are very friendly.

    Enjoy the ride, and the nice weather!
    We will be back next month with a couple more musical surprises!

  • June Music

    Summer is here, and we've got two more tunes for you that will help set the mood, be it hot days or cool nights!

    The essence of both songs, music/lyrics, came from experimental jams at our lab, Soundtronics.

    Ace was inspired after a rehearsal in which the Chemists were the backing band for another singer. 
    At that rehearsal we met an excellent guitarist. His name is Derrick Hawkins, who, for a while, played in Ace Frehleys band.
    (Read: KISS)
    And after all, we all know who had the best solo record!
    (" New York Groove"- do your homework, kids)

    Porch Light took us on a journey from the studio to the porch to we don't know where. Slides, jaw harps, wash boards, and 3 vocals around one mic. Don't check out early on this one, it gets into some psychedelic territory near the end, and who in America doesn't love that!?

    Also, we will be playing
    Rockwood Music Hall
    July 12th 8pm

  • May Music!

    May Music!

    For the month of May we have These Days and Headphones.
    These Days began on the beach last year and is ready just in time for summer again. We got a chance to bang on some file cabinets, dust off the Irish spoons and,(thanks to the repair skills of Warren Malone) play a little mandolin on this one.
    Despite being disguised by an ultra heavy riff, Headphones just wants you to drift away from it all, but with a little cracklin' snare to keep you movin'!
    We'll be back next month with more music for ya!

  • April Music!

    April Music!

    This month our two songs for you are Mudslide & Zombie Elevator.

    Mudslide kicks in with the debut of Mr. Brad Gunyon taking lead vocals at the top of the tune. Then Lenny and Brandon follow up. It's a tribute to those sticky thick NOLA grooves, with a bit of 70's prog spice thrown into the stew!

    Zombie Elevator was created when the band was late for rehearsal and Brad was left alone with the Lowry Organ!  He has composed some true day and night music. Verse and chorus vocals are a layered mix of all the ANC boys singing, then filtered through a Leslie cabinet for extra spookiness. It also features the debut of Little Louie Monachello on some backing vocals!
    Listen closely to hear him. Hint-(Zombie)!

  • March Music!

    March Music!
    Our two songs for this month are A Round About Way & Telephone
    A Round About Way was composed around a poem written by Chris Fava. Len had been working on a song with no lyric, but found that Fava's prose synced perfectly with the melody. ANC tracked the tune live a couple of weeks ago, then added backing vocals, percussion & all the sparkly bits.               
    Telephone is the result of a late night jam with Len and Brad messing about in 9/8. Brandon came in and improvised his vocals in one take. He created many of the vocal effects using the microphone with Len riding delay in the moment.
    After layering some guitars and 'found sounds' on top, it was decided that this track needed to be heard outside of the ANC editing sessions. Enjoy!
  • New Tunes For February

    New Tunes For February

    Check out our new tracks for February: Here Today & Crossed Hands

    Both tracks were recorded at Soundtronics and were mastered by Ed Littman

    Here Today -  ...This track truly has arrived.  After lingering around since last spring, the form finally came together for us.  We recorded the Bass, Rhodes, and Kit (with oh so many toms!) live this past month.  And as for the title, that came today too.

    Crossed Hands -  Another live improvised performance by the Chemists.  We cut together a form, added some vocals and a couple guitar and organ overdubs.  The Bass and Guitars from the live take were not recorded to their own tracks (oops), so the sound is that of the room and whatever bled into the drum mics.

    You can catch us tomorrow night March 1st 10pm at  Branded Saloon in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.